Butters & Jellies
Our butters taste like what grandma used to make. Not too much cinnamon, or sugar, but all the flavor you have come to love in a great tasting butter. On a piece of toast or a fresh hot biscuit these butters will make you say yum and bring a smile to your face.
Apple Butter
Peach Butter with Honey
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Pumpkin Butter
Apple Butter Pumpkin Butter
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Our apple butter is great tasting on biscuits and also makes great fried pies and for those special times when you want a homemade snack the kids can help with. Made from fresh Georgia peaches and spiced just right. This is like pumpkin pie in a jar. All the big taste of pumpkin and also it's fantastic on hot biscuits as well as bagels or as a quick snack with crackers.


Moonshine Jelly Five Pepper Jelly
$6.00 $6.00 $6.00

    If you love sweet potatoes and sweet potato pie. This butter is a little of both and will thrill your taste buds.

Great on a hot biscuit or toast.  Also makes a great unique gift for that special person.

Yes, It's in there!

Mix with some cream cheese, slap it on a cracker and get the party started.  Makes a great ham glaze also.
$6.00 $6.00 $6.00
Great taste of peppers without the heat. Great over cream cheese with crackers. Use on your pork or beef roast to add a unique taste. Smooth taste of a fresh peach paired with the eye opening heat of jalapenos. Great on sausage and biscuits to add a little sweet heat.
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